Michael T. Dolan

Writings, Reflections, and Commentaries

Living in the moment

The four-year-old boy looks up from his bowl of cereal and declares: “I love being four.” He lifts spoon to mouth, and goes back to work.


The Beachcomber

Just after dawn, with the sun still low on the horizon, a lone woman searches the shoreline. Her outstretched arms clutch a metal detector as its base moves side to side over the sand. Slowly, she systematically scours the sand for the flotsam and jetsam of long gone beachgoers. Soon they would be back, with […]

The snake

The woman’s voice was frantic as she called across the yard to me. I hurried over to her with uncertainly in my steps, not sure what lay in store for me. Having moved into our house just weeks before, I had met the neighbor just once. Our second meeting, and a call of distress. When I […]