Michael T. Dolan

Writings, Reflections, and Commentaries

A Father’s Retreat

“A Father’s Retreat” in Main Line Today (June 2011). As a young boy, I never could quite understand how my father could spend hours each evening in that room. The routine went like this: After arriving home shortly before 6 p.m., our dad would join his seven sons – and our poor mother – at […]


Forty feet and friendship

“Forty feet and friendship” in Main Line Today (June 2008). “Clink! Clank! Thump. Clank!” Followed by cheers, jeers or groans. “Clink! Clank! Thump. Clank!” Back and forth the sounds echoed, the metal-on-metal music of men playing horseshoes. Listening and watching from afar taught me much. Men hurling metal. A game perhaps, but so much more. […]