Michael T. Dolan

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I am sitting, reading. My four-year-old son is likewise sitting, playing. He glances up and looks at the man on the cover, reflections of whose life are held within. “Why did Harry Kalas die, Dad?” he asks. I fumble over my reply, “Well, he was a little bit old… and it was time for him […]


For the Love of the Ball

Fathers, sons, and lessons learned… “For the Love of the Ball” (Main Line Today, October 2009)  Early on in my eldest son’s life, Michael decided he wanted to be a ballplayer when he grew up. Signs of his intended vocation came from the start. Instead of sleeping with a furry teddy bear at night, my […]

Farewell to Veterans Stadium

“Vet memories get him back to the old ball game” in the Philadelphia Inquirer (September 4, 2003). After the 1994 strike, I pretty much stopped watching baseball for almost a decade. I was turned off by the constant power struggles between owners and players, the quips and sound bites from Barry Bonds and the like […]