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Chester County Fiction

Hello Friends: A new collection of stort stories, Chester County Fiction, includes my short story “The River Runs Red.” Chester County Fiction, the brainchild of writer Jim Breslin, is a collection of short stories by – you guessed it – Chester County writers. You can get it on Amazon here. If you prefer to visit an actual bookstore, beginning next week […]


Get WALDEN as an eBook

WALDEN is now available as a Google eBook! Google eBooks are compatible with most digital devices, including the Nook, Sony Reader, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and web browsers. Kindle version still to come… Click here to get the eBook.

Short Story Published in Book on Fate

Ever wonder why the chicken crossed the road? Now you can find out! My short story “The Angel That Couldn’t Fly” gives the answer, and was published in The Mystery of Fate, a collection of real life stories that make you think twice about fate, common coincidence, and divine intervention. You can order The Mystery of Fate […]

Going Mobile

Conversari.com is now smartphone friendly, so now you can access these posts from your iPhone, Android, Walkie-Talkie, Speak & Spell, or what have you. Subscribe here and we’ll see you in the waiting room, on the train, on the pot, or wherever you may find yourself. Thanks for visiting, and do come again!