Michael T. Dolan

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Conversari HouseConversari House is a publishing house whose mission is to engage the spirit in reflection, questioning, and, often times, laughter. It’s about knowing when to take life seriously, when not to, and when to sit back with friends and discuss all it has to offer. To that end, we publish both literary fiction and non-fiction that calls the reader to reflect, question, laugh, and converse with friends.

We take our name and mission from the Latin root for conversation¬†- conversari, meaning “to live with,” “to keep company with,” “to dwell upon,” “to move to and fro,” and “to turn oneself about.” Here at Conversari House, we strive to do all these things, recognizing the need to converse with life – and with one another.

Conversari House is the publisher of the novel WALDEN, a coming of age story written by Michael T. Dolan.

Our Business Philosophy

We are guided by a business philosophy that is environmentally-friendly and socially responsible:

  • Conversari House is a proud member of the Green Press Initiative.Conversari House, as a member of the Green Press Initiative, is committed to using recycled paper stock for its publications.
  • Our website is hosted by Sustainable Websites, which offsets 100% of its energy usage with wind power.
  • 5% of the sale of each book is contributed to charity.

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