31 Aug

Black-eyed Susan and the sun

The sun beat down on the growing cluster of black-eyed Susan as each flower below stretched skyward, a sea of yellow and black hoping to touch the fiery heaven above. Like looking into a kaleidoscope when gazed at too intently and too long, the colors danced in circles in my mind’s eye. The yellow and black swayed, circled and swam in a drunken dance of color.

A blink of the eyes returned focus to the flowers before me. Golden lashes reached out from dark eyes, tempting – beckoning – passersby.

As the flowers danced in the summer sun, I saw that they were not alone. Bees had succumbed to temptation, kissing their black and yellow brethren in the hurried task of pollination. Before long they were joined by a tiger swallowtail. The butterfly and its black and yellow wings fluttered in erratic flight, forced to drink the dregs the bees left behind. The evidence was clear: bees were built for work; butterflies were built for play. While one sings, the other stings.

Standing back from the black-eyed Susans, it seemed to me that the world isn’t black and white. It’s black and yellow, eternal lovers dancing in symbiotic song.

03 Aug

The Beachcomber

Just after dawn, with the sun still low on the horizon, a lone woman searches the shoreline. Her outstretched arms clutch a metal detector as its base moves side to side over the sand. Slowly, she systematically scours the sand for the flotsam and jetsam of long gone beachgoers. Soon they would be back, with their loose change and loose jewelry in tow, but for now the beach belonged to the beachcomber.

As the sun quickly rose to shine its sun-burnt face above the sea, I watched the woman’s fruitless quest. Back and forth the detector swayed, discovering nothing.

Get your head out of the sand, I thought. Look to the sea and the sun rising above it – there is your treasure!

I stood up from my perch on the boardwalk overlook and went on my way, discovering that I too had let the sunrise slip before my very eyes.