15 Oct

The parable of the koala bear

The three-year-old boy lay in bed with his baby brother, making him laugh with assorted smiles, funny faces, and noises.

To add to the entertainment, he picked up a furry koala bear and raised it in front of his brother.

The infant’s smile immediately vanished, and he began to cry at the sight of the stuffed animal.

“Don’t be scared, Brian,” uttered the older boy. “It’s okay. He’s not really a bear. He’s just a marsupial.”

I laughed at his words and smiled.

Indeed, things aren’t always what they appear to be, three-year-old boys included.

03 Oct

Heaven on earth

If there is ground in heaven, I believe it must be covered with a thick layer of fallen pine needles.

If there is music in heaven, I believe it must be the wind brushing against the land as spirits travel through the sky.

If there is an aroma in heaven, I believe it must be the scent of a fire’s transformation of wood into ember.

And if heaven has a heaven, I believe the night sky must shine above it, stars shimmering from the past while the moon carries out its orbital dance.

Glancing up from the campfire, I look toward heaven.

And I find myself already there.