10 Jul

Drawn to the light

The neighborhood has long since gone to sleep. A novel kept me up past the others, and so it is well into the morning when I call it a night.

I face the mirror, toothbrush in hand. Tapping and buzzing on the window screen call my attention. My bathroom light the only luminous presence in the night, beetles and other nighttime creatures had descended on the screen, desperately seeking the light.

Rinsing my mouth, I took my hand and flicked my finger at the screen, sending the insects back into the darkness.

Why?, I wondered as I climbed into bed. They only sought the light.

I fell asleep with a nagging question running through my head: How many times have I kept others from reaching their light?

Indeed, how many times have I kept others from reaching the Light?

06 Jul

Carpenter bees

My daughter and I stood on the back deck working on the never-ending honey-do list. I stood on the picnic table bench about to drill into the stucco back wall. A carpenter bee flew from underneath the picnic table. They’d found themselves a home in the table, and despite puttying the holes, they kept coming back.

Seeing the carpenter bee fly by her, my four-year-old stopped me in my tracks.


“Yes, Molly.”

“You know, I love Mommy more than carpenter bees love wood!”

I took her words in, shaking my head at their simplicity and their philosophical depth. It may not be iambic pentameter, but it certainly gives Shakespeare a run for his money.